About us

The Minka network

Origins of “Minka”

The term “Minka” comes from the Quechua language of the Incas, the largest empire in pre- Columbian America. “Minka” refers to notions of solidarity, mutual aid and reciprocity. For these peoples, a “minka” is a tradition aimed at carrying out collective work in the service of a group of people, a community, when the latter feels the need. At the same time, the collective work is to be carried out in a joyful and good-humoured way, often around festive activities, music, celebrations, etc. These values of solidarity, co-support, joyful dynamism and hope shared by these communities, perfectly match the spirit of the Minka network, hence the choice of the name.

Creation of Minka

As early as 2018, nine civil society organisations envisaged creating a common network that would allow them to participate in collective actions aiming at multiplying their influence and impact on the political and operational levels related to sustainable food systems. This is how Minka International came into being in 2020. Minka International currently brings together 9 institutions from the North and the South that share a common vision of sustainable family farming, agroecology and food sovereignty.

Mission Minka

→ Generalise the model of sustainable family farming for the benefit farming families and their

→ Develop the principle of local and international solidarity.

Promote agro-ecology to preserve the environment and make food systems economically sustainable and socially just

→ Raise awareness on the right to food sovereignty.

Minka Strategies

→ Capitalize on partners’ expertise, knowledge and experience and cross fertilize practices

→ Pool the resources, knowledge and skills of our network to develop joint projects in favour
of family farming and sustainable food systems.

→ Strengthen communication and advocacy to secure partnerships for greater impact on the
international scene.

→ Develop/strengthen expertise related to cereals at the intersection of gender approaches and resilience, and on climate justice with a youth employment perspective

→ Increase synergies between members and facilitate specific technical support.

Minka values

→Supporting sustainable food systems.

→Enabling local communities to lead a decent life.

→ Produce while respecting the environment.

→ Make room for a form of social justice.

→ Develop a supportive and collective attitude.